Problem of social media on Facebook pages and how to solve it

The Problem of Social Media on Facebook and how to solve it

As you know, Facebook offers the messaging function on fanpages, which allows fans (costumer) to get in dialogue with the fanpage (company). People talk about a topic or write about many topics, without waiting for an answer, especially, if the fanpage admin has not answered.

As you can see on this graphic, a fan or a person (P) can write about many times (Dialogue: D) topics (Topics: T). The administrator (Au) can answer to each topic many times (n), can ask more to know about the topic (T), he can also ignore or forget to answer. In that case, if the administrator does not react so fast, the fans write again and again (frustrated) or ignore it. This is not so good point for the owner of that page.

Problem of social media on Facebook
Problem of social media on Facebook

Imagine you launch a product, in normal case, all works well, you’ll get applause for it, also in messages. But, usually, if the result is not fine and the product is not, what they expected and problems getting more, usually the dialogue rates get more also (like on shitstorms via messages). So the administrator must answer to every question of a person – he can do it in many ways, but he has only one entry for messages.

And this is problem of social media!

To solve that problem would be to mark the topics (maybe with colours) and give them tags to the same topics (collecting phase) and open a chat for each tag. He should be able to push or pull the persons with the same topics to the same group chat and answer their questions in there. Everyone, who can solve the problem, can leave the chat, and the administrator must not write separately on separate incomings box for messages. Fans can be anonymous in that chat in their presets, the answers could go as blind copy also.

So, this might be a solution for faster costumer service – as there are external tools for it, i miss these kind of functions on Facebook himself. But it’s good to see a graph, a visualisation of these kind of dialogues also, to understand social media dialogues on Facebook.